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The Top 10 Drinking Games for Erasmus Students in Spain

The experience of being an Erasmus student in Spain is exciting and full of new opportunities to explore the culture, make friends, and, of course, enjoy the nightlife. A fun and social way to dive into the Spanish party scene is through drinking games. Here, we present a list of the top 10 drinking games that will not only make you laugh but also help you create unforgettable memories during your stay in Spain.

  1. “Sangria Pong”: A Spanish twist on the classic Beer Pong. Instead of beer, use sangria, the famous wine and fruit beverage of Spain. Try to sink the ball into the opposing team’s sangria cups and enjoy the taste while playing.
  2. “Tapas Trivia”: Whenever someone answers a question about Spanish culture incorrectly, they have to take a sip of their drink. This game is not only fun but will also help you learn about local customs and traditions.
  3. “Flamenco Freeze”: Play flamenco music and form a circle. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in a dance pose. If anyone moves, they have to take a drink. A unique way to enjoy music and drinks!
  4. “Torero Truth or Dare”: Play “Truth or Dare” with a Spanish twist. If someone chooses “Dare,” they must complete a fun challenge or take a sip. If they choose “Truth,” they must answer an embarrassing question or take a sip.
  5. “Erasmus Rotterdamus drinking game”: Erasmus Rotterdamus is a drinking game created specifically for Erasmus Students in Spain (Shipping available only to Spain)
  6. “Tapas Challenge”: Visit different bars and try traditional tapas. Each time you taste a new tapa, take a sip of your drink. The goal is to sample as many tapas as possible while having fun with your friends!
  7. “Flamenco Fusion”: Choose a flamenco song and create an improvised group dance routine. Spectators vote for the best performance, and the losing group must take a drink. A unique way to blend dance and drinks!
  8. “Gaudí Building Buzz”: Play a building game while drinking. Each time you complete a part of your structure, you can assign sips to other players. The player with the most creative and tall structure gets to choose who takes a drink.
  9. “Tapas Taste Test”: Organize a blindfolded tapas tasting. Try to guess the ingredients of each tapa, and if you’re wrong, take a sip of your drink. A fun and delicious culinary experience!
  10. “Siesta Sip Challenge”: Challenge your friends to see who can take a sip of their drink while keeping their eyes closed for the longest time. The person who holds out the longest without laughing or opening their eyes wins!

Drinking games can be an exciting way to connect with fellow Erasmus students and immerse yourself in Spanish culture in a unique way. From Spanish versions of classic games to tapas-themed challenges, these options will surely make you laugh and create unforgettable memories during your time in Spain. Always remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the Erasmus experience to the fullest. Cheers and have fun!

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